but you can call me KK.
I am a transformational speaker, author, corporate trainer, thought provoker and serial entrepreneur, dedicated to changing the world one mindset at a time.


When I’m not cooking, learn more about me here: KACHELLE KELLY

Just a Southern Girl Boss who loves good food.

What You'll Find Here:

  • TSP (Tried, Screwed-Up, Perfected) Approved Recipes that work for you the very first time

  • Ingredient recommendations that take the guesswork out of grocery shopping​ (underlined recipe ingredients, link to Amazon purchases)

  • Occasional step by step photos and videos on "The Kitchen Blog" page + YouTube channel videos

  • Recipes for singles, busy bosses, holidays, entertaining, “Big Mama Sundays" and everyday family meals

Look, a fair warning…I’m most comfortable with & will provide southern favorites to “teach” you how to cook but also provide vegan, meatless and nutritional recipes/tips. As a Southern girl, I love GOOD food! However, what we LOVE isn’t always BEST for us. As a former Weight Watchers Territory Manager, I also strongly believe in moderation and portion control (i.e., eating on a 8.5 inch plate) but if that doesn’t work for you, please modify recipes or decrease ingredients to comply with your dietary needs.

Do you have professional training?

Nope! I learn by testing and trying recipes I grew up eating, those I’ve grown to love or what I’ve eaten at restaurants.

Are you a chef or caterer?

Nope! And don’t aspire to be. My main goal is to encourage busy women and men to return to a lost art, cooking. And to use it as some form of therapy.

As an entrepreneur, speaker and author, why are you so passionate about Boss Women Cook?

  • To truly provide an outlet for those who work so hard.
  • To provide the ability to perpetuate the legacy of traditional family gatherings.
  • To see a shorter line at McDonald’s.
  • For young girls & boys to learn early, how to cook in the home.
  • For singles to become comfortable cooking a restaurant quality meal to treat themselves, save money & prepare for marriage, if they choose.
  • For "girl bosses" to possibly save their marriages (only if cooking is an issue) through an oblivious & increasingly neglected need in the home.
  • To strengthen families by cooking together.

Is this site just for women?

Nope! I will post a BOSS MEN COOK feature each month! And encourage men to join in the fun!

Do you have a cookbook?

I have a series of e-Cookbooks available for purchase. (link to buy) My hardcopy Cookbook is in the works.

Do you offer cooking classes?

I occasionally offer classes in Houston, Texas, online webinars and live videos on social media. Subscribe & follow me on social media to receive notifications. Subscribe HERE

Who takes your photographs & shoots your videos?

I take my own photographs using my iPhone X and iPhone 7+ and I shoot my own videos in my kitchen using my iPhones. But I will eventually invest in a Nikon D5100. I’m still learning…

Where do you get your recipes?

I develop most of my own recipes or a family recipe passed down. On occasion, I’ll adapt a recipe from another source or share favorites from my cookbook collection. Every recipe on this site has been tested multiple times and perfected by me in my home kitchen.

Where did you learn how to cook, your mom?

Nope! My mom makes THE BEST chocolate cake and broccoli, chicken, cheese casserole. I only learned the casserole recipe. I learned from google and YouTube videos along with lots of trial and error. I now cook for family gatherings and deliver all my leftovers to my parents.

How can I subscribe to Boss Women Cook?

Easy! Submit your email in the subscription box here

How can I contact you?

If you have a specific question about a recipe, it is best to leave it in the comment section of the recipe. If you have a general question, please complete the contact form. I do my best to respond to all questions and emails within a day or two.

Can I republish your recipes on my blog or social media?

Sure, please just provide attribution and link to the original recipe. And please tag me on social media. I just might repost!

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