but you can call me KK.
I am a transformational speaker, author, corporate trainer, thought provoker and serial entrepreneur, dedicated to changing the world one mindset at a time.


When I’m not cooking, learn more about me here: KACHELLE KELLY

What You'll Find Here:

  • TSP (Tried, Screwed-Up, Perfected) Approved Recipes that work for you the very first time

  • Ingredient recommendations that take the guesswork out of grocery shopping​ (underlined recipe ingredients, link to Amazon purchases)

  • Occasional step by step photos and videos on "The Kitchen Blog" page + YouTube channel videos

  • Recipes for singles, busy bosses, holidays, entertaining, “Big Mama Sundays" and everyday family meals

Look, a fair warning…I’m most comfortable with & will provide southern favorites to “teach” you how to cook but also provide vegan, meatless and nutritional recipes/tips. As a Southern girl, I love GOOD food! However, what we LOVE isn’t always BEST for us. As a former Weight Watchers Territory Manager, I also strongly believe in moderation and portion control (i.e., eating on a 8.5 inch plate) but if that doesn’t work for you, please modify recipes or decrease ingredients to comply with your dietary needs.

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